Hi Folks

Let’s hope that you are all as well as can be expected, to those of you who are having a rough time, I hope you get relief soon.  My pain has been reasonable lately and I don’t take these manageable days for granted that’s for sure.

Things always seem to take an age, for example for me to get a new wheelchair I had to get an appointment, to then get another appointment, then another then I MIGHT get my new wheelchair.  These appointments aren’t close together this is spread over a 13-18 week period.  When suffering from Chronic Pain and thinking that something could be of benefit to helping you improve your life you want it now and not in months time.   Now this may sound like I’m being greedy and wanting everything my own way but it’s further from the truth than you think. 


Because I am ex-armed forces every time I ask my local social services for some help the first thing they say to me is “can’t the army help you” or “get in contact with SSAFA*”.   Why should I have to go ask charities to help me when my local occupational therapists should be helping me.   I am not a charity case,  I just want a little help that will make my wife and my life a bit easier. 

So looking forward I’m planning on doing more things to get me out and start living my life again.   I’m really would love to get a Mountain Trike,  it’s the wheelchair equivalent to a mountain bike.  This will help me go walks up hills, on grass, muck sand, even snow. I am pretty excited about going up some hills and getting some of my belly down a bit.  My mate, who I just met in Jersey, has got me right into believing in myself and being positive, not just him but a lot of work from my wife too and my mates partner.   The wheelchair I use just now isn’t upto the job.  It’s far too bulky, heavy and not great at manoeuvring so I am awaiting to a new sporty wheelchair.  This new chair will make me use less energy as it’s lighter and sportier.  So I am looking forward to a few months ahead with a lot of changes in how we lead our lives.


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