Hello everyone

I wrote this back in August 2012 which was just around the time I was diagnosed with this horrible condition. Everything that I have written is still going on but as grown 10 fold, I’m now having to use a wheelchair and I’m starting to try and enjoy life. But this condition, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, plays by its own rules, I’m remaining positive about things, I’m try to getting out and about. I’m trying to get into the fresh air by fishing or just going for a stroll in my wheelchair.  I am trying but things are so difficult.

Things they tell me I can do I will try too, and the things I can do I will enjoy.

This is becoming a regular occurrence me sitting to the early hours of the morning in pain! Here is a back ground to my condition, last year after a second major operation on my right foot I was diagnosed with CRPS. This took a bit of getting my head round, CRPS is hard to explain……infact no, its hard for people to understand it who don’t have it, this condition that has no cure is very hard to deal with, I and others who suffer this like me are in pain 24/7 with doctors also finding it hard to provide sufferers with medication that would help. I take 157 tablets a week for less that 3% pain relief. I  suffered not only with pain but in mood and how I have a different out look on things.  I used to be quite a happy go lucky chap but this CRPS is beating me big time, the terrible thing about it is my mood swings are being taken out on the ones I love. I no longer socialise with friends and if I do go any where I need to use my two crutches (Bill n Ben)!


Imagine having a fire burning this feeling of burning is in your feet and you can’t do anything about it.  Even having clothing on my feet is agony… This is life for me. This is not an “Oh look at me please feel pity for me” post, it is far from it. I am just trying to get people who don’t understand what me and others who suffer from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS) feel.  I am suffering big time (this suffering also includes my loved ones around me who need to put up with me) from this.  I try to tell myself it will get better but the when?  When will this get better, this is a question that never seems to be answered.  Probably because the answer to this question will never be know.

Thanks for reading this sorry if it’s a bit wonky but it’s 03:45 and I’ve had medication! Please leave some feed back you can find me on twitter too at @maccasixty7.



  1. squirrels wae a bunnet,,squirrels wae a bunnet.,,,,,;;)),,its the small things m8 that get us through,,wit can we dae but make the most of wit ever we have,,even with awe this pain,,peace out bud,,. B.A.

  2. Aw Jamie didn’t know it was as bad as this or affecting ur life as much…. Hope they find better ways of dealing with this and u can enjoy life to the full again xxxxx

  3. Awww Jaime, I so sympathise with you. I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia after a car crash I was in, no one ever seems to understand just how much it can effect your life. I am lucky to have a supporting framework of family and friends who do actually understand it, but many simply say, huh, you have a sore neck and shoulder, Actually no, I have much more. But hey, life is too short and I’m not going to let it beat me, though you might have to listen to me moan a lot on Facebook! (Which I think you have LOL)


  4. Oh and for some reason the rest of what I wrote didn’t post…..
    And I will listen any time you want to moan about it. Lets hope that one day you find peace and get back to living your life, I will say a wee prayer for you and hope it gets better

    Eht x

  5. I too have CRPS. I was diagnosed in 1994 after a work related accident. The first 5 years were horrible. I was so active before the accident and then I couldn’t walk. I suffered great depression because of what was taken from me and the horrible pain I suffered daily. Every time I was feeling sorry for myself, I saw someone who was worse off. After many stays in Physical Rehabilitation facilities and a spinal cord stimulator implant, I decided I had to regain my life. I worked hard to learn to walk again and I succeeded. Not everyone will. That is the time I decided I would return to school. They can take my body, but they can’t take my brain, although I do have great difficulty remembering things. I am currently 50 years old and a senior in college. I may never be employed in my field, but I will have a degree. The daily pain hinders my physical abilities, but I don’t let it effect my studies. I currently have a 3.99 GPA, and plan to graduate with it. There are still days when I can’t get out of bed, but I push through it on the days I have class. When I don’t have class, I allow myself to stay in bed, just not too long. I pray you find a happy medium and can make the most of your life. You deserve all life has to offer.

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