Sell out Salmond and Trumps

Good evening folks

I like thousands of people watched BBC2 “you’ve been Trumped” on Sunday night and was angered and shocked to the core. Donald Trump bought land in Aberdeen to build a mini town and golf resort, at the start I thought that’s good for Aberdeen to have some investment from a good business man who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars(maybe billions) but last night opened my eyes to what really went on. People who have lived on that land all they’re lives and they’re families before them have been bullied and left to fight they’re own battles. The people on this land have been sold out by the Scottish government and Aberdeen council who at time of planning application was rejected! But up stepped sorry barged in was the Scottish government to overrule Aberdeen council as Alex Salmond seen the ££££s sold out to the big business man and let the people of the land the Scottish people to fight for themselves. Now the programme opened us on the outside eyes and made a lot of the people angry as Trumps bullies barged in, yet when the local folk complained to the police they got no support from them either. Here was people fighting corporate bullies on their own abandoned by the government they voted for and the council who they pay tax too. The locals had to endure power cuts and going over a week without water, being made out to be non entities by Trumps PR, told that they’re farmers and houses were an eye sore and didn’t live in the real world. When all this was going on no one was fighting they’re corner unless they hired lawyers and this freelance investigative journalist who brought the real story to the rest of the countries living rooms and let them judge Trump and gang…….the judgement wasn’t the best and if it was a murder case Donald Trump and gang would have been sentenced to life for murder and Alex Salmond would have been sentenced to life for conspiracy to murder!!!!!

Alex Salmond sold out these Scottish people’s lives as he seen too many £££££s from Donald Trumps banks account. It was ironic that the BBC2 programme last night was followed by highlights from the SNPs conference in Perth, Kenny Macaskill was speaking and he said “I’m no poster boy in the US” to what he received a laugh and an applause the his next line was “I’m certainly no lapdog for the US either”. Wait a minute here your no lapdog to the US* but your boss Alex Salmond is a lapdog to US multimillion $ business men…… I sat last night angered at the government that I voted for treated my fellow countrymen/women so bad sold the out for the ££££s signs from Trump and cronies not giving these people a thought.

I don’t know how you people feel after watching it but I felt a lot of anger for the Scottish government and Donald Trump.

Thanks for reading

* US (America USA)

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