Good times

Hiya Folks

Well for the the first time in more months than I can even mention I socialised with folks and I loved it, the confidence I got from going out was brilliant.

On Saturday I attended a gathering to celebrate my long suffering partner Jen’s 30th Birthday along with 12 other friends.  Some of whom were friends of Jen and I hadn’t met until this meeting. We went for a meal which was really nice at a place called “The New York Steam Packet” a cosy little place up a dark lane, just off Rose Street in Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh. This place doesn’t have a licence to sell alcohol (yeah I know, we are in Scotland) so it was bring your own bottle!  So friends being stereotypical Scots, brought more than enough alcohol (I was on soft drinks….. I promise… the medication is strong enough!). After being introduced to each other, it wasn’t long before the small living room type restaurant was ringing with the sound of laughing and of glasses clinking full of wine and beer.

So we finished the good food and with laughter and joking still ongoing, we headed along to a well known Edinburgh establishment The Standing Order, where we met other friends.  I sat at a table after returning from the toilet, to find my mate Callum had got me a few crayons and a colouring in book because I was the only one not drinking and didn’t want me to get bored!!  This was funny just as funny as me seeing him sitting with a 90s alco-pop “Hooch”.  Again all we seemed to do was laugh at each others jokes and stories which continued as we went to a sports bar to watch the boxing which featured an ill fated comeback from Ricky Hatton.

Leading up to this social occasion I full of anxiety as I had not been socially out for a good few months.   When I say good few months maybe as long as even 18 months.  I never thought I’d ever go out again as my confidence is at an all time low and I have regularly kept putting off going out socially due to stigma of using two walking aids and feeling so down and having so much pain. This occasion I couldn’t get out of though and I am glad of that because I felt really good mixing with my friends and meeting new people most whom were already understanding of my situation as they are friends of Jen.

It’s easy for people to say get out and about, its so easy for people to say it.  Much easier than it is for me to actually do it, but as I’ve said I hope this outing helps me in a big way and things are starting to move in the right direction mentally.  Hopefully I will soon be receiving help via counselling. I done all off the above with no alcohol, I went to a night out to pubs and had no alcohol.  This is something that I never in my puff thought I’d say that (no sniggering up the back).

So I thank friends and Jens work colleagues who came out on Saturday for making it a great night, you didn’t just help Jen celebrate a birthday but you unknowingly helped me too.

Happy 30th to my long suffering partner/soulmate/best friend Jen xxx

I’m sorry for my English but I don’t care because you all understand it 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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