Cold weather…argh

Hi Folks

Yes I’m back so soon!

Thanks to those who read my last entry and thanks for the feedback, I’m still really happy and feel quite upbeat.

I live in Scotland in a little town bang in the middle of Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Where I live it is very high up and gets a lot of bad weather including heavy snow falls.  This week starts the cold season and to people like me, who suffer from CRPS, we all know that cold weather is bad news. The cold weather intensifies my pain by about 1million percent(exaggerating I know) but seriously it’s bad news!!!

With my CRPS I find wearing socks beyond agony , when I’m out I wear loose fitting trainers and light ankle socks….if I wear any other socks I’m in agony. The pain is like fire burning in my feet yet as soon as its cold I’m in even more pain.  Its so hard to understand this condition sometimes, I mean not even doctors understand it haahaa!!


What I’m going to start doing is filling the washing basin of hot water and as my Granny used to do steep my feet. The only problem I have is when they go into hit water, after a little time they start getting really itchy and I need to take them out, it’s a no win situation. I’d love to win the euro millions lottery and move to a nice warm country where I can not be in fear of it being damp wet and cold 51 weeks out of 52 every year. I’m sure other people live with CRPS live in colder countries but I’m just giving the world my share of my part.

Any way thanks for reading its 03:28 here and it’s Saint Andrews day here in Scotland (the best wee country in the world). Off to try this sleep thing most people talk about!


CRPS Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome



2 thoughts on “Cold weather…argh

    • Yeah it is and that’s the thing not a lot of people know about it or don’t seem to grasp how folk can be in so much pain etc, not even doctors fully know how to treat it!!

      Thanks for reading tho I’m glad it’s kind of educating folk who don’t know about CPRS 🙂 x

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