Health Priorities

Hi Folks
First of all let me thank you all for reading the last blog, over 200 people have read it and it’s good that I am getting the message out….. I think 🙂
So today I attended the hospital to see my pain doctor, although after a few hours of snow I was a bit wary of going out with my two crutches but my friend took time out of his busy schedule to drive me to Edinburgh for this appointment.
 Anyway when I was in seeing my doctor and after deciding my medication had to be raised again for the millionth time she told me of a meeting she had about 5 and half years ago.  The meeting she went to was with the Scottish Health Minister.  It was about health issues in Scotland,  Dr Stewart took along one of her patients as proof of what she wanted to talk about, how pain effect the patients life.  Dr Stewart is a specialist in all sorts of pain and at this meeting she raised that pain should be taken more seriously with the health boards of Scotland and that pain affects so many people lives and it’s hard to understand how they feel,  the health secretary at the time who I believe was Nicola Sturgeon asked will you die from this pain? I thought it was a terrible question but Dr Stewart continued to explain to Nicola that pain in all forms affects so many people’s lives and it is important for it to be understood more by doctors nurses and the public, Nicola explained to Dr Stewart that 3500 young women died from breast cancer and more awareness is needed for this and this is what makes the headlines in the newspapers. 
When I was diagnosed with CRPS I thought that I was the only person in the world with it!!  I searched “Google” (I know it’s the best thing since sliced bread but please don’t Google a sore head or you will be diagnosed with a brain tumour…it’s scary lol).  WOW… I seen for my own eyes what this horrible condition does to you.  So I searched for forums and I found a page on “Facebook” for sufferers of RSD/CRPS and I felt a whole sense of relief to just know I wasn’t suffering this alone…selfish I know but I wanted to feel less like a freak and less isolated.  So I started asking people what they do for medication and how they get by on a normal day in life, so from there I used this forum so I could adapt to this new thing in mine and Jen’s life.  You may find it strange as to why I had to go look for this information myself but my GP/Doctor at my health centre had no idea what to advise me to do, in fact all he could say to me was “how long do you want a sick line for work and I will await a letter from the hospital on what medication to prescribe you!”.  It’s just in the last wee while my GP has started to understand what pain I live with after he told me he had attended a course for pain.
In the next couple of days I am going to email my Health Minister  who is also my MSP and ask him if we can have pain highlighted more.  I’m not just talking about my Chronic Pain,  I’m talking all types of pain so we can have our doctors and nurses and public  understand what pain entails.  Just so people don’t seem alone and having to repeat themselves when being asked lots of questions on the condition.  Also in the email I will ask for more funding for pain help groups as I think it takes a certain type of counselling to help people who suffer from pain, I will ask for this as there seems to be groups for everything other than pain, so if people in Scotland are reading this and suffer from pain long-term then please get in touch and I can add anything you would like into my email.  All your suggestions would be great as everyone who suffers pain is in the same boat.
Feedback is always welcome, and I apologise for my poor english 🙂 
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2 thoughts on “Health Priorities

  1. you’ve bit that nail square m8,,bang on,,if i can help in anyway with anything your proposing to do,,dont hesitate to let me know,,,Brother’s in pain Big Al.

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