The View From The Loo

Good evening folks

Over the past few days I have been posting pictures from my loo onto Facebook.  At first this was seen as funny but not very nice… Well I think it’s funny as people post pictures of all sorts on social networking sites these days.


Since smartphones became popular i reckon we are spending more time in the loo as there so much to do, angry birds is top I reckon closely followed by Facebook then twitter.  From my own personal experience I think my average time in the loo is up by about 17 minutes, if I’m bored I will go for the “sit down pee”. My first choice is twitter a fast moving social network that changes by the second, Facebook is a very close 2nd as this is where the people from “beebo”  have migrated too…. And it’s here that I post my “Jobby picture” as seen in the picture above.  And guess what I’m in the loo right this very moment (02:25) writing this “The View From The Loo”


How much time do you reckon you spend in the loo and what is your smartphone app you use most in the loo.

Thanks for reading, I won’t be disappointing my Facebook faithful followers of more “having a jobby”  pictures .


Jobby is a brilliant Scottish word for a number 2.


One thought on “The View From The Loo

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