New Year Let’s Put The Flame Out

Hi Folks

I would like to wish you all the very best for 2013.  Let’s Put The Flame Out!


Well, here I am in 2013, it all restarted for me in 2011 when one morning walking to work I went over on my ankle….  I have been off sick from work ever since then.  After going over on my ankle it became very apparent that the surgery that I had to have due to damage to my ankles from my time in the Army hadn’t worked, I need to have revisionary surgery to both of my ankles.  My hope for 2013 is for some amazing doctor out there to find a cure for CRPS…. long shot, I know, but I need to have hope for it.  My other goal is to return to work because by jings, do I miss work (stop sniggering),  after 300000 episodes of Jeremy Kyle, 3000million PPI adverts I need normality in my life. One thing I can say is that my employers have been great and my manager is amazing.  She is always there to lend an ear and words of advice.  I say that about my place of work because they easily could have just paid me off but fingers crossed that’s not going to happen. When you’re in pain for so long, every day is hard to function as your normal self, you have mood swings and take great resentment at the slightest thing.  I even think I’ve lost the way to act as a normal person (don’t think I acted that normally in the first place anyway). Medication is making me drowsy, even the dogs balls are hanging better than my eyes!! But I’m hoping for something good health wise, I don’t know if I build myself up thinking “agh this will work or that will work” and then boom it doesn’t, maybe I expect to much. I speak to other sufferers of CRPS who have had it for decades and are STILL trying different methods of medication and that’s a major worry to me.  I hate taking medication, even before this all, I would only use it as a last resort but not now as it’s a constantly daily routine. I’d like to see a cure for all pain suffering on all levels.

Not just for my selfish own wants but for all sufferers of CRPS I really do hope it’s this year we get to Put The Flame Out!!


Thanks for reading as always I apologise for my grammar and commas etc.

Find me on Twitter @maccasixty7

*CRPS Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome


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