Side Effects….

Hello Folks

How are you all today?  I’m having a strange old time of it because my Fentanyl has been increased to 50micrograms.  I’m letting it settle in before I make any judgement on if it is helping my pain.  There are downsides to having this much medication, not only is it wrecking my insides but it is making me very drowsy and making to stumble even more regularly than I already was, not only this but I’m not allowed to cook or be near machinery.  Soup it didn’t mention soup…. Well that is what I thought to myself.  I was trying to help the house get ready as they were all busy the other morning.  I tried to pour some soup into a flask. Guess what happened, well I poured the soup over my hand and started screaming like a pig in a slaughter house (sorry if you’re a pig lover) so that was a lesson learned for me.  I always thought that the side effect of medication of not letting you drive or operate any heavy machinery was a myth, that was until I started what seemed like  a  full chemist worth of tablets. I was lying in bed last night wondering what is in store for me should this morphine not help me.  It made me wonder about some of the research that I have Ive seen on YouTube about Ketamine and Spinal Stimulation.  It is scary because I fear that it will make me in more pain than I already am….. Is that even possible? People from all walks of life, nurses, doctors and fellow sufferers of chronic pain have said to me not to rule out cannabis.  I don’t feel that I’m at that stage yet to consider it and to be fair I’m depressed enough without needing cannabis BUT is cannabis any worse than the morphine or the other meds I take? I don’t know, probably not as a lot of fellow sufferers have said they have tried or they do use cannabis either by smoking it (YUK) or eating it in a yoghurt. I keep an open mind on all sorts of help to be honest.

The side effects for medication that I have taken or take is a problem for me but it can be funny too.  I did give my family a laugh when I was on Tramadol…  Although Jen didn’t like me on that.  She didn’t like me hallucinating which is fair enough.

If you remember a few blogs back I mentioned about emailing Alex Neil the Scottish Health Minster.  I did send the email, I received a reply he told me that this is something that is being seriously looked into.  To fellow sufferers, I do hope that you are as comfortable as you can be and I do hope 2013 is a good year in the fight against Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Thanks again for reading.

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Need to add this in….. After finishing this off, I went to cut something and I sliced my thumb open….. Will I ever learn?


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