Medication Luck Doctors and Nurses

Hi Folks

Yeah i know twice in one day one is enough.

After speaking to a few people in the United States Of America it made me realise how lucky i am that with this disease/condition I have that im in the UK.  I find it difficult enough here in Scotland trying to fight against what is taking over my whole life, with CRPS/RSDS you generally take a lot of medication, now here in the UK i benefit from a free National Health Service and even better than some parts of the UK here in Scotland prescription drugs are also free.  I pay tax to the government and as part of that I get a free health service.  I think our Doctors & Nurses do a bloody good job despite cuts at the coal face of their profession.  Now these fantastic Drs & Nurses get a lot of criticism from the public and this can range from the smallest of things to the silliest of thin, now i must confess i think mr GP( General Practitioner) is a very decent Doctor and my Doctor at the hospital I attend is 1st class and do great jobs.  When ever I have been in hospital the nurses have been great with me and I will admit that I became frustrated with nurses sometimes but I blame that on how I was feeling at the time after major surgery.


After that’s all said, the people i speak to who have the same condition as me have big problems…they do NOT have a free health service, i know of fellow sufferers who cannot afford the proper medication on which they should receive and will from time to time buy one type of medication but not the next but then the next time. Americans have a private health service and if you aint got health insurance then your on your own. The health insurance to many americans is and always will be unaffordable. And the way I see from the outside looking in…the American government are making the poor suffer not just the poor but there is also the hard-working americans who work their arses off yet cannot afford a decent health insurance. I can’t imagine what it would be like if i could afford some of my medication.


If your from the States and are reading this don’t hesitate to put your experiences so I can see more of whats going on.

I’m lucky infact all us in the UK are lucky for great Doctors great Nurses…..and Free Health Service.


Cheers for reading….im away to my bed.

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One thought on “Medication Luck Doctors and Nurses

  1. looks like im moving to the UK!
    I am in the US.. and have CRPS…. I am getting kicked off my mothers insurance in november bc I will be 26. So, I will be screwed. has more info on my story =( (in the updates)
    I hope your having a low pain free day!
    Heather Lynn

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