Support Our Wind…..Clean WInd!!!

Good Evening Folks

I will point out at the stage this is not about my CRPS….bet a lot of you are glad of that.

Right lets start.

I live in what used to be a small mining village called Shotts which is bang in between Scotlands capital city Edinburgh and the best city in the world Glasgow. Over the years Shotts has been rid of its heavy industries and the houses in the town have had their coal fires replaced with modern gas or eletric. Around the village there are signs of the past with “bings” been left from mining and a large creator in the ground by open cast mining, but apart from these things of the past there is many things for the futre and these things being empty fields and moorlands that are lying with nothing in them apart from some farm animals that has declined in the village too. In the past 8 years there has been the construction of a wind farm on another village 7miles from Shotts called Forth where the Blacklaw Wind Farm is now. Giant wind turbines that are facinating to look at, when the turbines were being taken to Forth through Shotts the full town was gripped by how huge these metal Windmills were. The Blacklaw Wind Farm is now up and running and its a great sight to as it breaks up the moorlands and is a talking point with neighbours etc.

Thats that covered!

Now our village has seen a decline in community groups and places for the young to go and keep them off the streets the elderly to get out of the house for a while where they might live alone etc. Now what we and a group of friends and fellow villagers want to do is have companies build more wind farms around the village, not only for the funding that it will give us to try and do some of the things i listed and more, but it will be the way of the future for kids and their kids and it will give them a cleaner form of energy that will benefit the planet. Now im not saying nuclear power has to be stopped as its just not viable but wind power is better for the enviroment too. So just last week there was a rejection for a yes 1 ONE wind turbine to be erected in a part of the village that is not used and not visable to around 90% of the village, rejections came from people in villages next to us who can not see it….people from ABERDEEN 143ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE MILES AWAY!!! wait wait it gets better….There was a rejection from SWITZERLAND 979 NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY NINE MILES AWAY!!! That is just amazing in fact its sheer stupidness. We need funding in this village BADLY this village needs to leave the heavy industry and coal mining and get on to the new and cleaner way of powering our houses. Now as you all seen how silly the distances were for rejecting that 1 ONE wind turbine im asking for you the readers of this to support our fight for these to be built in our village(link will be given to our facebook page and the bottom) for the support we dont care if your from 10 miles away or 10000 miles away if you want to support us then please do so. We can get a cleaner future for our kids and their kids but also funding for our village of £60,000 per year. Please take part in our poll below.

Thanks for reading*



Here is our facebooke page will all the info on how to support us.

i am sorry for the poor english but im on strong meds and its taken me nearly 2 days to writes this.

my twitter @maccasixty7


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