Help….4 Letters Means A Lot

Hi Folks

Over the past 10 days or so I’ve felt new pains on top of the pain I have….. Yes even I didn’t think that was possible!  Help.  That’s all I want.  Not from friends or family as the help I get from them is great. My long suffering Fiancé and all my other family and friends provide me invaluable support. I also get help from a few support groups on Facebook (hello everyone) and on Twitter(#hieveryone) they are also great with help and advice with medication and just knowing about the hell I’m going through.

The most important person I want help from is my pain specialist who I terrified has no more answers for me.  As a lot of you know and some of you don’t know, I feel I am getting more pain, in more places, and to top it all off the medication I’m on has side effects that are sickening. I telephoned my pain doctor to ask for help in what she can do to get me out this predicament that I find myself in.  I felt before this phone call today, that they would know some way to get me out of this, lead me a path that would get me back on the road to as close to a normal life as I had before this started.   Now I fear that I will never be the person or have the life I had before.  Now all I have is unanswered questions, fears and worry about what my life is going to be.  I wish that there was someone out there that could give me confidence that things will go back to how it was.

Help….a 4 lettered word a word with a simple meaning but a complex thing to do!

Anyway folks, I again apologise for the bad English or grammar……sue me 🙂

Cheers Jamie


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