A wee Irish Pub….

The Best Wee Pub In The World… Tiernas Irish Bar Marmaris


Now I know when people travel all over the world you are guaranteed to see an Irish bar….well here’s my story on the one I found.

In 2007 I went on holiday to Marmaris, a place in Turkey and had a great time, really warm weather combined with cheap beer and food.  Well we found a wee Irish pub called Tiernas and thinking that this would be like any other Irish bar you find in a holiday resorts that there was nothing Irish about it apart from “Irish” being on the sign!!!  Well I was so wrong.

Most of the staff were Turkish however there was a blonde women who greeted us in and spoke with a strong Irish accent.  That was the first time I had been in an Irish bar on a holiday, where there was an Irish staff member. The young looking blonde women introduced herself to me and my group that she was the owner and that her name was Edwina.  From that moment on is where our friendship began. Edwina then introduced us to a smart looking young man behind a desk at the front door who was in control of the music, this was her husband Sivan. We all sat down and ordered beers and cocktails, the beers and cocktails combined with the great atmosphere and entertainment made this wee pub our home for the rest of the holiday we even celebrated Edwinas daughter Tierna (the bar is called after her) 18th birthday there and I will tell you the Irish/Turks know how to throw a party. Over the rest of our time I got to know more about Edwina and Sivan and they got know about myself and Jen. Really hard working, down to earth people who greeted everyone exactly the same and was interested in you and your walk of life.

In 2008 and myself and Jen returned to Marmaris for another holiday and for the full two weeks we made this wee pub out home just about. The meals are proper meals and by that I mean they are so tasty and you get great value for your cash.  The Sunday roast is out of the world, it is amazing!  In this time we got to know more about Edwina & Sivan and quickly found out that not only were they owners of a pub in Marmaris it seemed that Edwina was also a social worker and surrogate mother to young people on holiday there and not once did she moan about it.  The only problems this pub faced was the constant fines and intimidation from local government and police who seemed that their only job was to fine hard working bar owners because the fines were given out only because the people who were there enjoying themselves by singing dancing and getting pushed (drunk). People went to this pub for years and there is some people who only go to Marmaris to visit this, that’s how good an impression it leaves on folk, not just the pub but feeling so welcome by Sivan and Edwina and the staff who work so hard to make sure that everyone who goes to the pub have a great time. When I say some people only return to Marmaris due to the bar, well me and Jennifer are the same but we go to visit Edwina & Sivan.


In 2012 after I had two major operations.  We had a rough time, Jen was nursing me and working full time and  I thought that I was ready to go back to work so we decided to go to Marmaris again but not tell Edwina and that we would give her a surprise. We arrived on the Monday afternoon, went to our hotel, got ready and went to the bar for dinner, as I said, the meals are amazing and I was starving.  When we got to the bar, we told the staff that we wanted to surprise Edwina & Sivan so we came up with a plan and it worked!  After a few swearing words we were greeted with open arms by them both. I almost forgot that when we returned in 2012 there was another bar in a different part of Marmaris called Celtic park that they had opened, again another great wee pub decked out in green and white hoops……that once turned blue in the sun…LOL fastest paint job in history I’m told. And its the only Pub in the resort to serve Guinness and it was Jen’s first time trying it….her face told me that she never liked it.


In 2013 it might be the end of us going to Marmaris as Edwina & Sivan have decided to retire from the pub as Tierna gave them the gift of a grandson.  I know he is the apple of Edwina and Sivan’s eye and who can blame them! Seven months of the year, spent away from Ireland along with the long hours and stress of running a pub in a popular tourist resort and not just that but running a pub with thousands of customers every week and hundreds and hundreds of regulars and fighting against local government and police. The pub will change owners in the future and for the sake of Sivan and Edwina I hope that it is sooner rather than later.  Myself and Jennifer along with thousands of customers will be saddened by the news but will also be happy for you to have the time to spend with your grandson and family back home.

For the food & beer, for the great entertainment, great music, great service from the staff who are also great and most of all for being the BEST WEE PUB IN THE WORLD.

If you are off to Marmaris this year be sure to go even if it’s for the sunday roast tell them Jamie sent you!


Gach an Fearr!
Iyi şanslar

Cheers Jamie


One thought on “A wee Irish Pub….

  1. The reason we went to Marmaris for the past ten years. Gonnie miss Ed, Sivan, Shaggy, Dino and therest of |Ed’s fantastic waiters. We will go in next year but it wont be the same ;-((

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