Hi folks

In the next few hours I will attend what I call “my second house” Spire Hospital.  I have a clear mind set that I going to have my medication removed and replaced by different, more effective meds.  I’m sick of the side effects and I’m sick of the nil effect they do in pain management.  I am literally as well as figuratively speaking here.

I don’t know what it is with my body because it seems after a few days/weeks my body rejects them.  Before all this started, I never was one for taking meds and would only do so when I really needed too.  And it’s because of this I think my body gives up the meds and says I don’t like having you in here so I will stop you from working and have you removed.

It sounds like I’m talking about my own body being an illegal immigrant!

Even when I go to my GP he asks “are you sleeping at night Jamie?”…. “No doctor I’m not”, “ok here is a small course of sleeping tablets”.. For me 1st night boom oot like a light,  2nd night needs a wee jump start… 3rd night its wakey wakey.

Do you take a lot of tablets from chronic pain? What’s your feelings on taking them?

Please leave a comment of your experiences of medication.

It’s 0154 here in God’s country Scotland



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