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Good Morning Folks.

Again no sleep tonight although I am in bed and have been since around 11pm!!

This week I received an email from my manager at work,  my manager was just checking asking how I was, asking for Jennifer.  My manager has been a great support since my first operation in May 2011 and still is to this day.   The reason I say this about her is I think its nice that a manager and work place have been like this with me after being off for such a long time.  I don’t think it is a regular occurrence to be honest.

It’s hard dealing with this condition and support is needed greatly and I get support from all over the world.  I am part of a few online forums, we all suffer this condition and we all support each other and know how we are feeling and what I am going through…. Now I point out here that I am not saying the good people who don’t suffer from it don’t know how I feel or my frustration.  Support is essential in dealing g with this condition and it’s one thing I have from everyone it seems.  And I get it in all different formats from lots of different people.

This week I discovered a CRPS* website so had a wee look about it was basic although a small arrival caught my eye “Sufferers of CRPS* wanted for research”  I thought cool I will do that.  So after reading it and seen there was no clinical research or that it was just an interview for 1 hour to explain of how this condition has developed and what medication I am on. What can I do or not do. And all that stuff… So yeah name is down and I’m glad to take part in these researches as these are key to one day hopefully finding a cure for this condition.

Well it’s 03:42 and very frosty.  I can’t sleep.  I’m writing this and listening to music,  I never was one for having headphones in and listening to music all the time but recently I have found I love just listening to music as it passes time and takes my mind of looking at 4 walls all the time.   Johnny Cash, Oasis, Biffy Clyro, Cold Play, The Verve, Christy Moore, Willie Nelson, Elvis and Ministry Of Sound.  What a mix but that’s the kind of music I love and there is many more I could add to that list.

I bid you a farewell see you on another wee Blog.

*CRPS Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Twitter @maccasixty7


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