Wheels In Motion

Hey Folks

Yesterday I seen my pain specialist at the hospital, I went with a fighting attitude because I can no longer be left marking time, staying on the same medication which is doing little for me.  So I spoke to her about a lot of things, how I felt there should be other options rather than just trying new pill all the time.  In a way I demanded things to change.  I often feel afraid to speak out to Doctors and health professions.  So after about 30 minutes, my appointment was finished and I left the room feeling positive and more hopeful regarding my pain management.  I told her that I need to try to deal with this Chronic regional Pain Syndrome with not only with drugs or physiotherapy but also with my thought process.  I asked about the clinic at Bath hospital and how do I go about getting sent there for some help.  I am being seen by a private hospital about my pain and not through our National Health Service because my work has a health care scheme.  The only problem is  I’m attending a private clinic that’s paid with my personal health benefits through my employer and that the clinic in Bath is NHS.  So my Pain Specialist is writing to my NHS Doctor (GP) to see if there can be funding for this by the health board in my part of the country, something I think should be no problem as there is no clinics like this in Scotland.  The clinic is residential so I would be there for 5 days. I am not getting my hopes up too much as I know that the country is cutting back on what seems like everything but I am positive that the Wheels Are In Motion . So I will be sure to update you all when I get the news, whether it be bad or good!.


After the hospital appointment I had to go to another appointment, this time with my GP, so I sat down, put my two crutches (Bill and Ben) to the side of me, thinking that this would be a safe place!  After requesting a new pill to be prescribed from instructions from my Pain Specialist.  My GP had no pieces of paper left so he called through to his reception to have more sent through, within seconds there was a chap at the door…..  My GP got up in a hurry, tripped over Bill and Ben and nearly killed himself.  My first thoughts were “Shit what did I just do”  The GP was very flustered and angry after this but by the end he was great and apologised for offending me, he never offended me I told him there’s been a few doctors throughout the years I have wanted to murder but not you he laughed and all was well.  He is a great doctor, totally understands on all aspects of my condition which is great.


Cheers for reading.

Take care folks.

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