Hi Folks

Hope everyone is as well as can be expected ūüôā

I am just going to write a wee blog to fill in what has been happening recently with my symptoms,side effects and life in general.

I started a new drug just a few weeks ago called DULOXETINE 60mg this was to replace my AMITRIPTYLINE 50mg, I had to do this as it seemed, as with a lot of medication used to treat CRPS is trial and error.  When I start any new medication I always seem to suffer from nearly every side effect associated with it and the Duloxetine was certainly no different. From upset tummy to sickness and flu like symptoms I had it all, but a sickness tablet from my GP started to put me on the straight and narrow, well sort of. The side effects are horrendous and I must suffer at least one from every bit of medication I take and some of them are extreme.

Any way apart from that I am finally getting some sleep and I am very grateful for it. Sleep is important to everyone but when your suffering Chronic Pain its even more important.  It gives you a break from the constant fight I struggle with Рpain.  Pain is tiring.  It clouds my mind and the medication adds to this. Drowsiness is a side effect from all of my medication.  Drowsiness does not mean sleep though, it just means I struggle to keep my mind focused and clear.  Sleep is the thing that I desire the most though.  Sleep deprivation is not nice.

One thing I thought, at the very start of all of this was I was the only person in the world with this…. ¬†Well over the past 15months since I was first diagnosed, I’m meeting new people daily. Through online forums and social media I speak to people who have this horrible condition and the support I’m given is great, I¬†also like to help people who are maybe having a bad day or are just diagnosed as it is scary. Its OK to say I am going to be in pain for the rest of my life but the reality of having to deal with this and the other problems that come with it mentally and physically too is huge task for someone have to deal with and to be tasked with this at the same time as feeling isolated and not knowing who to turn to is horrible. ¬†Please keep that in mind when reading my blogs or if you know anyone else who has this condition.


Thanks for taking the time to read my small blog today, it is much appreciated and I’m thankful for the continued support.



4 thoughts on “Meds/Sick/Sleep

  1. Hi Jamie I am also one of these Crps sufferers and suffer we do. I had a good job as a long service Police officer (Sergeant) for 24 years and due to an injury and subsequent opertaion ended up medically retired and in daily pain with as you say all the other mental and physical bits that go with it. I too use on-line support group which I find has been a really life line and the benefits of this kind of support is vast. I felt before Christmas that I could not go on and felt suicidal dealing with the condition of being in pain 24/7 and a long legal drawn out battle because of my injury. The power of the internet certainly provides for me an outlet to speak, not in person but the next best thing to people who are also suffering and are an ear may be that close friends and families are not always able to provide in the small wee hours of the night! x:O)

    • Hi Charlie

      First of all thanks for the comment and reading my blog.

      I am glad of the support i get not only from my partner or family and friends but from fellow sufferers. i can relate to everything you have said as i felt suicidal and really down . the pain is only one side of this horrible condition and its great to talk to people but as you say friends and families aint avalible at the wee small hours but your always assured of a fellow sufferer to be awake with some words of comfort or laughter. Take care Blogger Brown LOl

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