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First of all, I want to thank my lovely partner Jen for taking the time to write such a wonderful, from the heart blog.  Reading Jen’s post on here, you would never have known that she was a private person, not only I, but friends and family were surprised at her being so open on my condition.  But what she wrote was amazing I still read it now and I will for ever, also the feedback from you, the people who read my blog has been amazing and Jen and I thank you for all the wonderful comments on here, Facebook and Twitter.  Jen again I thank you for being so open, I know its been hard but you have been my rock and I will forever be in debt to you for the support, nursing, love, support,encouragement and being there.  I love you.

Well folks, since Jens post things have been hectic to say the least! I have been sleeping fairly well and had only a handful of bad nights in the past few weeks which have been a result 🙂  And since we last spoke I have moved house.  We have moved to a different town but not too far from my home town which makes its still nice and easy for friends and family to visit and vice versa. The house I previously lived in was on two levels, the upper level was where the bedrooms and the toilet where, the stairs to the toilet or bedrooms were becoming hard to climb and I would often spend all day and night in my bedroom. Now 14 stairs may not seem that much but when your levels of liquid intake increase due to medication then it means more trips to the toilet.  Also I have poor balance and have fallen a few times on the stairs maybe just 4 or 5 stairs but there could come a time when it was all 14 stairs and that would be a “shitty day” or death. So we applied for a house all on one level and we got it YEEEEHAA what a relief that was (I must point out that the women who told us we had been successful in getting the house was deafened by me).

So planning to move house are you…after realising all the work that had to be done and myself could do very little we suddenly realised what a  massive task and it was going to be. Jen works and neither of us like asking for help.  Jen painted a lot of the house on her days off but moving day was approaching and 2 bedrooms still needed the painting to be started on, the final coat of the hall and living room and the packing and actual moving still beckoned!  After realising the task in front of us I had to over come my shyness quickly and ask people to help do the remaining painting – Jen couldn’t get more time off.  Well the volunteers came to our rescue.   Some even done a 200 mile round trip to paint so thanks to Heidi Brian, Janice Elaine, and Barry and Jen for getting the house painted you done a grand job.


The next task was packing our old house.  I could help here by loading boxes with our stuff. When the day of moving came though it was down to Jen and Barry (my nephew) to load the van with all our possessions of our old house in to a van and transport it to our new house.  This took 4 trips(they have battle wounds).  So here we are in our new house and its great.  Everything I have wanted for months now. We don’t fancy moving again so I will be taken out the house in a wooden box as we are here for life.

Thanks for reading, your comments are greatly appreciated and so is the support you give to us.

It’s 0201 here in Scotland and I’m off to my bed. Please do my wee poll below.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing!!

  1. Tell her to keep writing and give her a huge hug from me as without our partners support we would never make it eh, a love ma hubby to bits for all he does for me #amazingman x

  2. All the best in your new home Jamie and Jen – just a shame that you had to move in the first place ! and wonderful that you had so much help and support to make it a reality. Knowing that we can’t do these things for ourselves is by far the worst part of the condition.

  3. I hope you are settled and I wish you all the happiness in the world in your new home.

    Jen’s post highlighted how strong your relationship is. I am pleased for you that she is by your side. A special and unusually strong partnership.

    Talk to you on twitter

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