Road Trip

Hello Folks

I hope you are all as well as can be expected 🙂 .

As you know we have moved into a new house and not all our friends or family have been to visit, so on Friday evening we had the pleasure of a friend visiting me. When we are together we try to right everything that’s wrong in the world and a wee bit like Pinky and the Brain…I will leave it to you who is who. So after a good few hours of having a laugh and drinking tea he headed back off home and I said to him I would be in touch over the next week or so.

Early Saturday morning Jen was getting ready for work and I was already awake when it was time to say goodby to her. When Jen had left I checked my phone as everyone checks their phones for these days…FACEBOOK. Upon checking my Facebook I seen that my friend who had visited last night was online so I decided to leave him a comment. He asked if I fancied a little road trip, I agreed after all it would only be for a couple of hours right! About 10:30am he pulled up outside the house and I opened the back of his car and there was my wee pal, his son, in his wheelchair looking good. I jumped in the front and off we set on our what would become a Road Trip.


Driving through Glasgow up onto the Great Western Road I said to my friend I love whats after this road its my most favourite place in the world.. He replied ” Where is that, Loch Lomond” to which I replied “Aye”(yes in Scottish slang said as EYE) he then proceeded to tell me thats where we are going…like a little girl I screamed with delight as it was a wee while since I had been up there. So we arrived on the Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond in a small village called Luss, Its a magical place fresh air snow topped hills purple heather on the hillside and fresh air, only the sound of the Loch rippling against the banks and the ducks quaking to be fed it was amazing. After taking a few pictures me with my mobile phone and him (professional Photographer) with hi-tech cameras that make 3 miles away look as if its in front of you. He said I think we will go up to Oban you want to go Jamie he asked I couldn’t say no he was driving and I would be left here.. mind you not a bad place to be left. My friend then says I think we will take you to the place your ancestors were murdered in the massacre at Glencoe, too which I agreed to as I had never been to see the infamous spot where the Campbell Clan came to murder some of my family at Glencoe on behalf of the King. Heading to Glencoe we stopped for some lunch at a cafe we ordered Fish n Chips well this was the best Fish supper I had in a long time.


Driving up to Glencoe through amazing beautiful scenery, yellow grass purple white heather rolling hills some topped off with snow. I had my phone out taking pictures all the time at how beautiful my country was it was then i got the understanding on why its often referred to as Bonnie Scotland. Just at the top of a hill there was a wee parking area that was on a hill and looked back down the glen we had just driven up so we got out….the wind was cold no really cold but the air was fresh. So after more pictures we jumped in the van next stop was the Glencoe visitor centre. For two adults and a child it was £11 and not worth any of it very little on the massacre of Glencoe, it was more based on hill walking mountain climbing etc etc so after 5-10minutes we were back out there and asking for directions to the nearest petrol station for the road home. There was one more place to go to on our trip – the massacre memorial, it was hidden in the village at the side of some houses well being there was great but there was a sense of sadness at what had went on all those years ago to my ancestors. As we were reading the memorial and taking a few more pictures and then the rain started, it started at the right time as were heading to the van to head home.


This spur of the moment Road Trip turned out to be one of the best days i have had in a long time even Jen said i seemed really happy and you know what i was. After all that fresh air i went to bed and slept for 9 hours and could have been more it was amazing.

Thank you for reading my wee story for the first time its not about my condition so im happy at that too.

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One thought on “Road Trip

  1. Glad you had a great day Jamie. Nothing like a touch of cabin fever to make you appreciate our great countryside! And good on Tommy for getting your bum out the chair. Provided he’s willing it will give you the confidence to go again. Spur of the moment is best – doesnt give the crps to work out an alternate plan for your day ! Oban for fish n chips next time.

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