Music to Drown out the Pain!

Hello Folks

Hope we are all as well as can be expected 🙂

I can’t sleep due to pain, I’m sick of looking at my phone as no one is on Facebook or Twitter…..I usually put up a status and find other sufferers are still awake doing what I’m doing. That is a line a lot of my readers with CRPS/RSD or other medical problems will relate too, I am forever spending the wee hours of the night on my smart phone. As you lay there in pain, wondering what its like to be normal like your partner lying beside you, snoring away, I start to become frustrated and jealous of how the “normal” person can sleep with no problems at all. Now when a sufferer of CRPS is tired they don’t just go to sleep and a lot of the time never just fall asleep as the pain is too much and can’t get comfortable enough to get to sleep. These people like myself can go days without sleeping and will only then do so when our body is so tired it can’t do anything else but sleep. I’ve been there, nearly 4 days without sleep I was seeing things and hearing things that weren’t there, everything you could imagine of sleep deprivation I was doing or seeing, then my body gave in to it all and I went to sleep and slept for 18 hours, the longest sleep knowing to man!  One of the questions I am most asked now by friends, family and followers on Facebook and Twitter and followers of this blog is “You get much sleep last night” or “You been sleeping Jamie”,  I think most of them are shocked when I say I have had a few nights recently where I have slept no problem.  The fact that I find it so difficult to sleep makes it a shock when I actually manage it!

Jen is very much a solution finder, she wants to try and make things better – she suggested I started to listen to music in bed at night to get me to wind down from the day and try to take my mind off it all.  I have really never been one for listening to music, don’t get me wrong I like a song here or there, but I don’t really buy albums or go out of my way to find new bands or songs.  So for the first time in our relationship (no laughing Jen) I listened to her and downloaded a few albums, I’ve found some bands that I like and with some suggestions from Jen too.  On the first night I listened to one album about 4 times because I loved it, I was surprised at myself because normally I would listen to one thing then quickly move on to the next but the music was great so I listened to it again and again. That first night I had a slept reasonably OK for me, over time I have listened to music more often and at night it has become a great comfort to me when I cannot be bothered looking at Facebook nor Twitter any longer. These days I listen to music when I feel I am in more pain than other days and I am listening to a lot more variety, from Biffy Clyro to Bob Dylan, from Oasis to The Stone Roses and Johnny Cash Elvis and Willie Nelson.  I am sure other sufferers do use music as a way of comfort too and to help them kind of meditate, the music now is a big part of me and my condition.  If my family hear me play music, they know I’m having not such a good day even at night I have woken Jen up a few times with my music on my earphones up too loud!!

As well as the music I like to watch documentaries on almost anything from mining for gold to watching bears on BBC1.   Although I enjoy watching these TV programmes, I find that my levels of concentration make it difficult.  I sometimes watch the same thing over and over – finding parts of the programme I’ve missed, not understood or just not taken in.  Sometimes when the pain flare is too much I can’t do anything at all.  TV, social media, music – nothing can help but all I can do is ride the storm and hope for a better day.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, remember folks feed back in the comments page is more than welcome and you can follow me on twitter @maccasixty7 .

funny music

From a sunny Bonnie Scotland have a great weekend

CRPS* Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.


7 thoughts on “Music to Drown out the Pain!

  1. Hey Jamie

    I also listen to music right through the night. I can put on a playlist, leave it on shuffle and wake up hours later (if I’m lucky).

    However, some nights music doesn’t do it for me. It’s actually becoming more frequent recently.

    I have found a new ‘miracle’ Cure for lack of sleep. I listened to audio books. Maybe it’s just me but the level of attention needed is just enough to take my mind off any pain but not too much to stop me sleeping. After a while I find the narration therapeutic and almost hypnotic.

    As I say, it may just be me but thought I would share the idea anyway.

    • Hi Stephen

      Funny you mention audio books as i have just downloaded my first one to try it out. Im not a big fan of reading as i can never find the right comfort levels for it. You are correct about the music sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt but its a great tool when it does work. Hope you are as well as can be expected fella have a great weekend

      • It’s important with audio books that you get a narrator that you like. I’ve had some really good books spoiled by terrible accents and things like male narrators who just can’t pull off a female voice without sounding ridiculous.
        Let me know how you get on with it.

        I’m not great at the moment. I am confined to bed rest with a pressure sore and a nasty chest infection. I don’t feel terribly ill I just hate stuck in bed 24 hours a day. Hopefully I start to pick up soon.

        Take care mate

      • Not nice to hear mate i hope it all passes as soon as possible thinking of ya fella.

        i had a wee listen to this book and i like the person reading it so thats half the battle

  2. You could try bathing ur feet in a basin of warm water (as warm as U are comfortable with) with a cup of Epsom salts. You can get the salts in a pharmacy. If you keep a kettle by you, you can top up the hot water so you can soak your feet for 20 mins. It shud help relieve inflammation and remove any toxins.

    • Hi Paula

      Thank you for the comment, i have tried this however if my feet are in warm water for any longer than a few mins they get really itchy sore and red so i tend not to do that but thank you for the suggestion and thanks for reading 🙂

      Cheers Jamie

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