Late nights and Day time Snoozes

Hi Folks

Well I hope you are all as well as can be expected 🙂 .


Pain is the topic of this blog, funny its not often I mention the pain!  Simple things are difficult for me to do because of this for example wearing socks cause me pain, standing now causes me intense pain – I’m finding it too difficult to do stand for any period of time now. The pain makes life very tiring for us sufferers along with high doses of medication. But at night time sleep is too far away – pain stops it from coming easily and I take more medication at night to help me sleep well.  Even with strong medication – sleep sometimes still evades me –  Lying there awake watching every minute of every hour pass by is not the best idea of fun.  I don’t sleep until my body is totally shattered and cannot fight any longer.  I never know when the release of sleep will come – sometimes its hours, sometimes it is many many hours and sometimes its days.  The other problem is that I may only sleep for a few hours so the rest that I need does not come, I may sleep for too many hours and then I feel like I’m missing out on life.  There is no satisfactory compromise.

So here I am at 13:07 on Thursday 2nd May having not slept a wink since Tuesday the 30th April. My eyes are like dogs testicles, I kid you not!!  People suggest taking a sleeping tablet, the Doctor has given me a course of them before but the sleep is medicated and only works for one night then they do nothing for me.  I think it is almost ironic that every single medication I take comes with a warning telling you that the medication can make you drowsy.  Please, please make me drowsy too! But when you are fighting such aggressive pain as I, its hard just to switch off relax and sleep, I have still to find someone who has a great sleeping pattern who suffers from CRPS. I listen to music, nice soothing relaxing music, sometimes classical (stop laughing) I’ve even tried relaxation apps on my phone. The pain over takes everything in life and I mean everything! I am really tired just now but I can’t sleep as the pain is so bad, I can’t find any comfort and I am restless, for the rest of the day I will be moving about like I have ants in my pants…or thong..or Y fronts..


Thanks for reading my wee blog on pain and sleep both things that hate each other. I welcome all your comments on Twitter and Facebook and in the comments Section here.

Cheers Jamie

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2 thoughts on “Late nights and Day time Snoozes

  1. We must be getting our underwear from the same shop Jamie! LOL. It is not funny, I am exactly the same. I worked shift work for years and could sleep when I was tired but not anymore with the pain of crps. Still what can we do, not a lot just do the relaxing music and stuff and hope that eventually we get some. x:O)

  2. Hi Jamie yes completely with you too. Sometimes it is really helpful to hear other sufferers talk about the hard times, just so you know that your CRPSis really happening and others (unfortunately) are having the same crazy things going on too. I hope today is a better day for you.

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