8 And a Half

Hi Folks

The title of my blog is how many hours sleep I have had in the last 96 hours.   I am on the edge of a breakdown I reckon, no rest for my pain ravaged body, no rest for my mind.   I am begging for my body to give in, that it’s too tired now and let me sleep but no.

I have tried all my usual wee tricks to get to sleep from music to reading.   With the amount of medication I take you would think it would be easy well it’s not.  Over the past 96 hours it has been hellish, I don’t know when I will next sleep and its driving me crazy.

Thinking of asking Jen to hit me over the head….. Stop shouting for her to do it lol.

I’m away back to the support page for CRPS on Facebook where a lot of good people give out great advice….

If I sleep I will update this page.




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