To Hell With You Pain!

Good Evening Folks

Hope everyone is as well as can be expected :).

To hell with you pain! That’s what we all think is it not? Well I do, I wish this condition never existed. Its 2013 and we still are suffering due to no cure for Chronic Pain its just a life time of different meds and doing more damage to yourself. I said to someone “I wish this was life threatening” the reply I got made me think, they said ” It is life threatening, if you think what your medication is doing to your body” and its true what is the medication of painkillers doing to my body as well as all the other shit?


I would like a doctor or pain specialist to explain to me what each tablet is doing to the organs in my body, now I know a little bit about this as my cousin who has nerve damage and was on a tablet I too am on called Gabapenten and he almost died when his kidneys just gave up on him. Now back then I never had a clue as the reason why this had happened and to tell you the truth I still don’t know why they can be so damaging to our organs. Us CRPS sufferers along with others on long term medication are trying to lead a normal life but at what cost? What else is going on that we cant see nor feel? Its hard, we are caught between a rock and a hard place, dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t take our medication. With what happened to my cousin I always make sure I am not being over prescribed Gabapenten as I am fearful of what happened to him happening to me.  Now that might seem like paranoia but I don’t give two shits really, its me that’s taking these tablets.

At this moment I have taken a tea break to eat a big cream cake….YUMMY YUMMY!


So we are helping ourselves but are we doing invisible damage to our insides?   Are we asking the right questions about what we are taking.  Many of us will take this medication and have no problems at all with it but what about us that are taking the medication and it is doing damage?  This isn’t to worry you lovely readers, its just something that I wanted to speak about and see if any of you have the same worries, there must be?

Well I bid you a farewell as football will be on TV soon. Take care everyone, remember any questions on what you have read tonight please don’t be afraid to leave a comment in the comments section or get me on twitter @maccasixty7

Oh a big HELLO to everyone on CRPS SAFE HAVEN UK & IRELAND support page where we all have our own troubles but help each other!! AND the support I had when I wasn’t sleeping was amazing….CHEERS GUYS 🙂



2 thoughts on “To Hell With You Pain!

  1. Ach mate, I know the feeling. I was recently put on a painkiller that could induce heart attacks and strokes. So do we stay in pain all our days or chance a possibility?
    Every single thing we put in our body has some side effect to some people. I’m still scared to take it lol

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