Sunny Weather…At Last!

Hey Folks

I hope the pain levels aint too bad…

Well the big yellow thing in the sky has been out shining bright for a few days now which to some sufferers is GREAT but to others its HELL. Well to my delight the sun is a GREAT help for me as it brings me some pain relief. From the first days of this good weather we have been having I have been out in my shorts and t-shirts getting all the suns heat and its been amazing for me, sitting out in my wee back yard for hours on end then at night going in and having a not bad sleep. Now although I am benefiting from this heat, I also know that people on the CRPS Support Page on Facebook are going through hell at the moment as the sun and the warm weather starts flares and causes all sort of horrible goings on like itchiness, swollen legs, feet, hands, knees to name a few.

The weird thing about this condition is that it effects all sufferers differently as I bask in the sunshine getting pain relief I know that others are going through hell and hiding away from it. During the cold months I suffer badly because the cold damp weather makes my bones hurt so much and I can get no pain relief at all!!  Putting the heating on, getting extra covers, putting on more socks is what I have been told to do in the past (from people who don’t understand CRPS) but its just not as simple as that as fellow sufferers will confirm. I asked my Doctor why I get pain relief from the Sun but not my central heating? But they just don’t know enough to be able to answer that the medical profession is still learning about this condition all the time, its not called complex for nothing I suppose!

Sparrow legs

So as my cold damp Scottish bones have thawed out and are being warmed up with the heat from the sun it is doing wonders for me and wonders for my mind too… The sun is a welcome break and it has come  2 weeks before I go to Turkey for what I call Warm Weather Treatment where its really warm and with that combined with the swimming pool I get great pain relief where I can maybe skip one set of tablets a day which is good considering the amount I take and what its doing to my insides.

Thank you for reading feedback is very much welcomed, also let me know how the Sun and warm weather effects you.

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4 thoughts on “Sunny Weather…At Last!

  1. Hi Jaimie,,as you know m8 my pain issues are totally different from urs,,and uve just informed us that even sufferers from the same illness can have differing effects. I just feel,,in general,,thje “care” side of our health system has been replaced by profit and loss sheets and finance management,,,how can u seriously financially manage someones condition when each and every patient may require individual treatment,,and CARE,,,for example,,if a human being is in pain,,all resources should be managed to provide that human being with as pain free a life as wat they will have left in a life with chronic pain to look forward to every single day,,,,so u Jaimie should be aloud heavily discounted tickets so u could access the sun four times a year,,and there will be so many individual cases that will need just a concentrated ,, individual CARING approach to their condition,,not a financially led broad sheet of accounts and cutbacks,,peace,,hope u have more good days than bad my friend,,peace n luv always,,Big Al Allan Walker.

    • Cheers Big Man

      I know what you mean and I am totally with you in what you have said. I wish trips to warm countries were on prescription to enhance the quality of life, as not everyone can afford to go abroad and i am in a fortunate position where i can go abroad. Keep up yer good work on facebook of spreading love and peace big yin 🙂

      cheers Jamie

  2. Interesting!! I was in santa ponsa in a nice hotel with a spa suite with steamroom, sauna,hotpool+jacuzzi thought it would be great for my pain but it made no difference!! So it was still painkillers all the way as usuall.But cold weather really makes me worse! I’m just doomed I guess!!

    • Hi Kevin

      Thanks for reading. Thats what i mentioned in my blog that it effects everyone differently I know you suffer from Chronic pain but not CRPS. I hope you find something that can give you some relief and you can get some comfort.

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