Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Hey Folks,

Hope pain levels are low and you ain’t suffering to bad from heat.


Well I haven’t written a wee blog for a while so I thought I would do an update, I can’t sleep due to pain so now is as good a time as any to write one!

Things are moving pretty fast just now.  I am ex-Army and I am now accessing different avenues for help that I was unaware of.   I’m also trying to get some more equipment to help life and make things that little bit easier. So the first thing I wanted to update you with is a wheelchair, I have realised that it’s what I need to help me. No point in thinking what other people think, I need this as it’s going to make life a little bit better for me. So soon I have an appointment with the doctor because its time for the proverbial wheels to go into motion – I need a self propelled wheelchair.

So as you know a couple of months ago we moved to a house adapted for my needs, well this house has been a god send, no more stairs or staying in bed all day and not spending time with the family. Nope it’s all changed and for the good. Not only the house but our neighbours are great and we have made friends with a few of them.  One of our neighbours have been great – I’ve just found out that one of them even has CRPS – its not nice that he has it but its nice to share something in common, especially something like this.  Then there’s our dogs, they all roam about like a wee gang in and out of the houses seeing what treats are available….


Everything on the home front is going great, the pain however is not! I have been ill for a good few days, no sleep or sleeping too much, feeling sick and weak it is not great but I’m glad to report that for now its gone and the days are starting to get a little better.



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