Fed Up

Hi Folks

Fed Up of being in pain,  fed up of nothing helping the pain,  fed up just being fed up…


Pain has been getting more intense recently and on Saturday I had a flare up so intense I started crying, holding my partners hand for comfort I squeezed it so hard I feared I would nearly break it.   I feel that my CRPS has intensified rapidly over the past 6-10 weeks and that it has now spread on my right leg to my knee and just below the knee on the left but what do I do or what can be done?

Fed up not sleeping! When I don’t get any sleep due to pain it makes the pain more intense and therefore leading me to be not a very happy chap. I know I’ve written a few blogs in sleep but it is a major thing in life and if you get lack of it then life is well shit!.


Fed Up being stared in because I’m in a wheelchair. This bugs me big time and I’ve started to ask the offenders if they would like a picture. Myself and my mate who is also in a wheelchair due to CRPS are thinking of printing off pictures of us in our wheelchairs and signing them and when the ignoramuses (is that even a word) stare then they will be offered a picture. Great idea eh?

Anyway I’m fed up writing this post and it’s taken me 9 days or so. It’s 0435 I’m off to try get some sleep.


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