The Power of Social Media

Hey you guys….. Hope pain is as low as can be 🙂

I’m going to try and have a positive piece tonight, isn’t that something good?

Before you read this I know people being positive to you doesn’t heal the pain but sometimes it’s just nice to hear it or see it.


The power of social media and how we can get people to try and understand a little of what us sufferers of chronic pain are going through. I mean when I started this blog around 30-50 friends family have now been made aware of what my life is like living with these conditions. They took an interest and still do. I gained a few followers on Twitter and people who follow me whom once I meet they will be friends too as they are some right good people in this country have taken an interest in my life and my conditions. And they’re interest is great as it means they understand a bit of what I live with everyday. I think also it is better that I tell them what CRPS and Neuropathic nerve pain does or is doing to me and what my limits are. And it’s not big medical terms either it’s just me telling my experience. Me, my wife 🙂 and my family are still learning about this condition too and it’s everyday or so we learn something new. I will put a link up down the bottom of the Wikipedia page for CRPS as it’s been recently updated so if you want you could have a wee gander (gander is a Scottish word for have a look) at that.

I can put a status on Facebook or a send a tweet on Twitter and there will be plenty words of support and it’s just great. I follow fellow sufferers and other people who have disabilities and I learn from them, I learn how they cope and what they do when the number 2 hits the fan and the pain increases 10 fold plus vat.

The positivity from family, friends, tweeters and Facebookers is just amazing but you do get the odd frustrating questions or things just said like…. It can’t be that bad I mean you look great!! Or this is the best… CMON they must be able to do something they can cure cancer. But that is the way life is.

To people who suffers from chronic pain, a disability, or a major health issue don’t be afraid to tweet it or Facebook it as there will be people there to help you not physically but mentally by saying positive things. It’s not a bad thing to do I’m also saying how much pain I’m in its not a sympathy vote it’s just saying listen I’m having a shitty day/night cheer me up.


Thanks for reading. I know my English ain’t the best but I’m heavily medicated so that’s my excuse.

Enjoy the weekend let’s hope for a low pain weekend!

Twitter @CRPSmaccasixty7

CRPS Wikipedia :



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