Snap Crackle…. POP!

Hey folks, I hope pain levels are low.

Just now I feel as if I’m stuck in a rut and I can’t get out of it.   I’m spending more time in bed rather than getting out and about.   To be frank with you all I feel as though I have no energy at all,  I know some of my medication makes me feel this way but it’s relentless.   The medication (I will come back to the medication soon) I am on would probably make most people like this but I want to be doing things like spending time with my wife Jen on her days off from work.  The last few times she has been on days off from work I’ve hardly seen her as I’ve been in bed sleeping,  there is now 3 “people”  in our relationship us two and CRPS.

Now I know I always just talk about my CRPS but my Neuropathic Nerve Pain and my Tarsal Coalition is also big factor on what I have to deal with.  My Tarsal Coalition is still causing me lots of bone pain as I reckon the 2nd lots of operations haven’t helped any, well certainly on my right foot any way.   I still get the cracking and popping sound from the ankle and it’s pretty horrible when it does do that and sore!!  I think because Complex Regional Pain Syndrome plays a massive part of mine and my wee families life that I forget to talk about the other things that I have wrong with me.  So over the next few blogs I will be explaining to you lovely readers what else is wrong with me.

Medication I hate I hate taking it I hate what it does to me and I well just hate it.   From the gigantic sizes of some of the tablets to the chemical smell of the sweat my fentanyl patch causes it’s horrible.   I suffer from about 75% of the side effects of every bit of medication that I take or put on(I wear a 50mg fentanyl patch).  Having to carry around if you are out and about my medication for that day, people looking at me as I swallow a handful of tables in a busy restaurant… They must think I’m about to take an overdose.   But in all seriousness the medication side effects and what it’s doing to our internal organs is just as big at the CRPS it’s self or am I wrong?   I know for my American readers medication is expensive and I think to myself that I’m lucky I live in a country where prescriptions are free as is all our health care,  even in England people have to pay for them unless they have government benefits etc.


A question to my fellow CRPS  sufferers… Do you get what feels like a build up of pressure around the effected area?  Be good to get some feed back on this.

Cheers for reading


Jamie Maccasixty7


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