Awareness Month

Hi Folks

Hope everyone has as low pain as possible and that you can enjoy Halloween.

November is awareness month for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome with the 5th being the major day.  At  day to raise awareness and recognise the struggle we all have living with this horrible condition.    Now all sufferers are different but we all feel the same pain.


I make no apologies for what I will be doing to raise awareness of my condition throughout my social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and here with my blog.   I will be inviting people to write a peice for my blog so my readers can see it from another sufferers point of view.

I urge friends and family to help me with this and I would ask you all to either share a picture on Facebook or Twitter to help me reach as many people as possible and on the 4th I will post a picture on both my sites so that you can share them with a small message.   Of course you don’t have to do this but I don’t ask for much so please right click copy then paste 🙂 .


November is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month!

Cheers for reading this small blog,  if you are a sufferer or live with someone who is suffering this condition and would like to write a piece from your point of view then get in touch.




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