Hi Folks

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected and that pain is low.

We are in awareness month so hopefully we are all helping to get this horrible condition more recognised and are giving people information on this relatively unknown condition.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is invisible but very deadly,  pain comes in all forms and even now I get people looking at me trying to figure out my disability.  A lot of people in the medical profession ask me for information on my condition,  it’s invisible and they ask what parts sore? Where does it start and finish? I’m usually like look at it you can see it from here to here etc.  How can they not see it?  Because it’s invisible to them who know nothing about it.


It may be invisible but it’s here and as of now it’s an incurable condition,  both my lower legs and feet are the places where I have CRPS,  legs on fire, legs like ice,  no socks no trousers no shoes.  Bed at night no covers on them sore with the sheets and I have to hang my feet out the bed.  If I go out I’m in a wheelchair I wear cotton jogging bottoms(cheek to call them jogging bottoms lol) cotton socks and trainers 2 sizes too big and very loose.  All this because we have no cure and there doesn’t seem to be one anytime soon,  us CRPS  sufferers are keeping large drug companies in business and that is no joke each day I take a LOT of medication that much my daily tablets go in two separate daily boxes!!


I get brilliant support from friends and family, you reading this ,people I’ve never met on Facebook and Twitter.  My words may paint a picture in your mind but it’s all invisible to everyone apart from us sufferers.

I can only try and make this condition visible to you by giving information on how it effects me daily and how it’s working to make life terrible at times.

Thanks for reading.

Ps. I started this blog on Friday it’s now 0743 on Sunday I’m listening to Foy Vance…


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