Cold Weather and a Review of Hotbott!

Hi Folks

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my condition,  I was getting sick of it to be honest, writing about it, talking about it, suffering from it.  I just withdrew from doing anything to do with my pain.   So I’m back with just a wee blog as I think you missed me eh?  Haahaa!!

Right:- cold weather, now I know I’ve written about this before but Complex Regional Pain Syndrome has a vicious cycle that always repeats itself and to be fair it’s always cold in Scotland.   The past few weeks the temperature has dropped big time down to – 5 just the other evening.   Now this cold weather effects me big majorly as not only do I suffer from CRPS I also suffer from Neuropathic Nerve Pain and Tarsal Coalition.   In each foot my ankles are fused by two big pins and when it’s cold I can feel it right to my bones… And titanium!


So as the cold weather sets in most people can wrap up warm and be cosy but I can’t because wearing socks and trousers makes it really sore and uncomfortable.   I only wear these when I have too,  I have a great pair of pyjamas (Where’s Wally)  these are super soft but do still effect me.   Socks, well when I do have to wear them I have to wear super soft cotton socks but I can’t wear these for hours or lounge about wearing these items.  The house has to have the heating on constantly to keep me warm but not too warm!!

On Saturday I went out into Glasgow and it was really cold but I had to go to get the wife a birthday present.  I wrapped up warm, wore my super soft socks and soft trousers and I also had a great thing called HOTBOTT*.   Now going out in my wheelchair in cold weather is not a very good thing to do but as I said I had to,  but on Saturday I was kept warm with my HOTBOTT*.

I’ve used heat pads etc before but I felt Hotbott stayed warmer for much longer and is reusable again and again. And not just for people in wheelchair or scooters anyone who goes to football rugby etc can use then on your cold plastic seat.


The Hotbott* kept me warm and my hands warm for the whole time I spent in the cold and was one of the best things I have tried to keep me warm when out.  I sat it under the tops of my legs and it was just great to have,  even my sister, nephew and nieces had a wee shot to  keep their hands warm.  Even before my trip out shopping I used it in the house to help some back pain and again it worked great.  I would recommend one of these to users of wheelchairs/mobility scooters etc and I will post a link to their website below so be sure to check them out.


But folks wrap up when out or keep pain low and stay comfortable CRPS effects us all differently and the cold effects me but finding ways to stay warm has been massively helped with this great wee thing!

Thanks for taking time to read please also feedback is good to have or comments below, how does the cold weather effect you?




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