Doc Knows Best

Good morning folks

I haven’t written on this for a wee while , some of you will be glad of this!  The reason I haven’t been writing  on here or on my Facebook support page I felt as though I was repeating what was happening over and over again.  But those of us with CRPS can understand that.   Well, I hope.

So to my friends on my support page I am truly sorry and I will make more or an effort .

Pain isn’t complicated most people will suffer some sort of pain everyday of life.  Chronic pain is only complicated because for a lot of us there is no cure .

My pain doctor is amazing, being Irish she doesn’t beat about the bush and tells me straight which I think although generalising of people, a great character trait.  Jen and I prefer this kind of person.  My condition has progressed –  when I told her of my thoughts of using my crutches or frame in the house then going to a wheelchair when out and about, she said the only people who would think anything of that know nothing about your situation and are low life’s.. fair enough.  I also told her of my fear of continuously filling my body full of pills for what I think is very low pain relief she has solutions all the time.


Since my last blog lot of things are happening.  I was sent to a local hospital to see a specialist for my tarsal coalition, I was x-rayed and told they could see further problems that I would need a CT SCAN for so I’ve had the CT scan and I’m awaiting a follow up appointment from ANOTHER SPECIALIST as what they seem in the x ray was too complicated for him so need to see what happens from there. It will be a massive decision if they say I need another operation.  My pain is roughly been medium to high and I’ve started having spasms.


When you have suffered pain everyday of your life for 10 years or more like myself it’s going to drag you down,  I am not afraid to say I am depressed and I don’t say that for people to take pity I say that because I am not afraid to hide anything.  My pain specialist is top of her profession and she tells me how to do things and I tell her what I can do, what won’t work for me and we work together as a team my wife included…  The doc knows best.

I will try write a bit more often, again I make no apologises for my English as I never listened in school.   A lot of things on the horizon for myself and family and 2014 is looking not too bad.  Pain will alway effect my life until a cure is found and until then I will moan about it.


Cheers for reading you have been a wonderful audience.




5 thoughts on “Doc Knows Best

  1. Having CRPS is like having your body be stuck in prison, and someone lights you on fire, locked in a cell. 😦
    But all we can do is..keep on, keeping on!
    I wish you and you’re family a great 2014. Your blog caught my attention bc you used the ribbon I made! 😀 lol that got me a little excited.
    Stay strong. We got this.
    -Heather Lynn

  2. Jaime I realize you posted this a while ago, but the moaning never seems to stop and so I do understand not wanting to write if that is all you feel like you are doing…. But what I don’t think you realize is that those of us who found you are right there with you. Where is there a better place to moan than here? I have been finding the more I vent (moan) to others with CRPS the less I vent to my Family… who bless their hearts try to understand … but don’t really…
    So you see without you I would be missing out on someone who gets it… and we all know how rare that is.. The reason you have become so special to me is that your CRPS is in your feet/ankles/legs it is hard to find someone who suffers with it in the same areas, not that others don’t understand its just that the struggle is a bit different… So thank-you for sharing
    I too have a doctor who I love, he was the first person in 15 years to know what was wrong …. and I cried & cried with relief that I finally found someone who believed how much pain I was in…..
    Best of all he was willing to put up with me..
    I fought him on almost all treatment ideas (my bad) I hate the thought of taking oral meds, nerve blocks, having to be hooked up to any machine, use any mobility devise ….
    I thought he was going to kick me to the curb (I must have seemed so ungrateful) He said the magic statement “I can help you manage your pain, but It is never going to fully go away”… Up side the head with a frying pan, I finally got it, the reality of it after 15 yrs. has finally set in, I understood for the first time there isn’t a miracle, no saving grace that is going take away my pain & give me back my life. All I can do is manage my pain. Once again your blog is so greatly appreciated & I too know that it feels like all I do is moan… But the reality of that is, I do a lot of positive things too…. Lets not dwell on what we can’t do, but focus on how to re-invent how we do the things we use to do….
    Hoping for many good days & less off days… Hugs

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