Sleep… What’s That

Good Morning Folks,

I hope you are as well as can be expected,  and those who have been struggling the last wee while I hope that you are getting stronger.

Sleep… What’s That?

To many chronic pain sufferers sleep is something that we all struggle with.   Flare ups as, we call them, is when pain increases and stays like a burning fire for as long as it wants too,  now these can stop us from sleeping for days.   Can you imagine being so exhausted that simple tasks you cannot do?   Being in pain that  is worse than child birth?  Yet we have no sleep for days and still we go on, fighting this pain.   Now from my own personal experiences with no sleep and fighting pain, I can tell you it’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy.


The longest my body has kept me awake from fighting pain is 5 days,  now just think about that for a moment.   My pain is horrendous to deal with in any given day but in a flare up, its intensified by at least 1000% and you may think that I’m over exaggerating but I’m far from it.  From hallucinations to crying uncontrollably from pain and pure exhaustion it’s not a nice thing to experience and not a great thing for family and friends to witness.

I am lucky that I have my close family who fully understand what I’m going through and also some friends.   Most of them ask at least once every couple of days if I’ve had enough sleep.  Luckily for myself the 5 days of no sleep has never been back and the longest I have been deprived of sleep recently is 3 days.   Three days is still extreme and takes so much energy out my body due to trying to fight pain too.

When I finally get to sleep then I can sleep for hours and hours but this also has downfalls.   When I sleep it means I miss out on time with my wife,  time with friends and family,  and time just enjoying the day.   Even when I am missing my sleep and fighting pain I miss all of the above and any other sufferer will say the same. I try and have a sleep pattern but flare ups can happen when ever they want, we are at the mercy of this condition. Yes we get medication by the bucket load and you would think it would help but in most cases it doesn’t even take 5% of the pain away.

I’m writing after having no nights sleep, I have very bad pins and needles and I’m having spasms. I’m in bed dancing like Elvis with these spasms!! Now today I will stay in bed and try get some rest and sleep.

Cheers for reading, hope I never sent anyone to sleep…..

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is an incurable debilitating condition.


7 thoughts on “Sleep… What’s That

  1. m8,,so understand everything your going through,,,for me,,i strictly need to take one day at a time,,the days,,are like mountains,,the fact that i now that mostly everyday i,ll never get to the top of that mountain,,its only determination to keep on climbing,,no matter what distance i get each day,,ive made the pain my mountain,,and my life,,the challenge to climb it,,u will understand the madness we try n deal with,,so,,i created my own to try n cope,,luv ya big man,,keep climbing,,day at a time ♥ ♥ BA

  2. I have this condition but double edged sword comes with acute advanced osteoarthritis plus fibromyalgia these three conditions make my life hell I’ve lost two jobs due to flare ups making me have to be hospitalised I have changed what I have done for 23 years to do a job which involves 12 hour shifts 4 days on two off then four nights so on and so forth have to get up at 4.00am on days only having two hours sleep for last two nights my role involves watching cameras which is so tiring on the eyes and mind three months I’ve done this job some weeks work 48 hours some 60 hours days off – simply sleep meds on immense flare ups not as much since and full consideration of how to deal with my pain whilst I’m hospital they are great but the hallucinations, night terrors sleep walking etc is worse they affect my digestive system but hey far less pain I dread the day they stop working as I won’t know where to go from there at all then comes the crutches/wheelchair bath aids stairlift etc etc – I feel this job will take so much out of me but I need it so many with the CRPS don’t work but I simply cannot let it get the better of me yrs I cry in pain and with exhaustion but sadly my friends and family don’t support if I’m in a foul mood they fall out with me for days I cannot make them understand of empathise it’s an uphill struggle every day but I’m alive I have a wonderful son who had witnessed the pain and seen me go through all the operations, random hospital stays and been with me in casualty v late at night holding my bags keeping my parents updated he’s the only one who gets it and the only one who suffers he spends many mornings busying himself trying to be quiet I’m a single parent – cleaning well gets done when I can which is hardly at all I totally feel your pain.
    Yours Beverley Turner
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  3. Thank goodness for Twitter. Such a lack of access to support groups and I think a lot of us would benefit from bring able to talk to someone other than family. I don’t want to moan all day everyday in front of my family but could do with speaking to someone. Take care everyone and wishing you all reduced pain days. (Was going to say pain free days but from my own experience I don’t think I ever have these.)

    • Thank you for the comment and reading my blog. You are correct in everything that you say, I run a support group on Facebook for sufferers and it’s great not many of us but it’s a good wee supportive group of people who “get it”.

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