Off days… Are allowed!

Good Morning folks.

As I start every blog asking you how are you, I will continue with this blog… How are you all??  I hope that those out there who are having tough times get through them ASAP.

Chronic pain is a horrible thing for anyone to deal with,  but to myself, a fellow pain sufferers it’s constantly horrible.   There’s times when we can put a brave face on and face the world,  pretending that yeah I’m Ok. But there is days when that brave face & the pretending can’t be done…. And it’s allowed.

Off days to some of us are seldom but to most of us they are regular. You should not be afraid to have an off day, I mean everyone has one… chronic pain or not! The days off pretending that everything is hunkydoory is only kidding your self on and making people around you say silly thing like… You ok you look fine it can’t be that bad.

I have bad days regularly and I think it’s down to still not accepting what’s going on with this horrible condition. Yes I am depressed, I’m not afraid to say I’m suffering from mental health problems. Some of my off days have been horrible, dark feelings. But now I just don’t do anything on my off days and I mean nothing, is it feeling sorry for myself? Maybe but it’s not a bad thing considering my health problems.

Good days are brilliant I love having a great happy day spending time with my wife doing some hobbies….. Watching TV and going out and about in my wheelchair. The good days well make me forget the bad days for sure, my pain specialist who is the top cat when it comes to helping myself and giving me lots of info (really I can’t take it all in so Jen is my ears) she says to me that if you don’t suffer a bad day with chronic pain then you are doing pretty well in dealing with your condition. And maybe that’s why I have bad days so often that I am not dealing with my condition well. Now I’m trying different things to help me with bad days and it’s doing OK just now.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot feel down, when people on our Facebook support page are feeling down they let us all know and we all try giving the person encouragement, support, words of advice on different ways of dealing with what’s happening etc.


Thanks for reading, my next blog will be from a person from our Facebook support page who will be telling her story of how #CRPS has effected her life and health. I’m looking forward to that and anyone else wanna tell their stories get in touch and I will gladly give you a platform to tell your story.



I wasn’t very good at English in school, I was too busy day dreaming about hunting Haggis with my slingshot.


2 thoughts on “Off days… Are allowed!

  1. This post is something I know, but it is so freeing to be reminded of. On those Rough Days it can be so crucial to just take the day to ride out the pain, and I think it’s important to be able to rest without that nagging guilt that has one crawling to a computer to get some work done. Thank you for reminding me of how important this is.
    Wishing you low pain days and nights full of proper rest!

  2. Jamie, I love how you put it “pretending that everything is hunkydoory” Isn’t that the truth we pretend and some days it takes all the courage in the world to face the world.
    My family is still in the “when you get better” state of mind, so it makes it that much harder to deal with Off Days.
    I suck it up as much as I can and then drop like a rock when no one is around. It has taken me awhile to not feel guilty for not moving off the couch all day or getting anything done around the house..
    I really shouldn’t blame my family for not understanding since I am probably as much to blame as they are.
    I am just so damn tired of explaining it over, & over again and feel like I need to defend myself from the same questions: Well you look fine or you were active yesterday.
    Hello! I have good days and bad days then I have days that I spend in the depths of hell… especially if I have been active.
    And being a woman asking for help doesn’t come easy, & I think my husband should be able to know when I need help. I am learning to ask & draw pictures….lol
    Bless his heart he really has been trying. I haven’t been trying to hide my Off Days so much now adays… it is what it is and I am not going to hide it or make excuses for it anymore.


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