Believe In Yourself

Good Morning folks,

I hope that you are all well and pain is low,  to you folks going through the tough times we are all thinking of you. 

Now the first thing that happens when you suffer from Chronic Pain is “is it all in my head?”.   We think this because people we spend our time with, friends, family and work mates who think “it can’t be that bad”  or “you will be OK in a couple of days”.   That is what plants the seeds in our unconscious mind,   you start to become paranoid touching,  pressing,  bashing,  your effected areas just to make sure.   But that’s not enough so you Google it….. Shit I’ve got cancer and going to die in 3 hours…. Not really but Google doesn’t have the answers.   Who has the answers?  Us ourselves,  we know that the burning hot or Ice cold feeling,  the feeling that you have been stabbed by a million pins,  or however you feel when you have the pain. 

Our closest loved ones are the next to believe it as these are the people we live with 24/7  or there abouts.   Finally someone who will listen and who fully understand what is happening to our bodies.  Next it’s friends but wait a minute,  those friends who said  everything will be OK in a couple of days are nowhere to be found.   They didn’t think you were being truthful,  you just didn’t want to go to the cinema that night or to the night club where in reality you were in pain and not slept for a few days.  


After all this happens it becomes a false environment, well for me it did.  I was like ok I fully believe I am in pain I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome…. Then I think do I really have this condition?  Go reading stuff on Google going through symptoms, lists of medical advice,  pictures.  Comparing all this to what I am going through,  nah I don’t have this I’m going to get better in a few days (I’ve had CRPS for 30months) I think this because my unconscious mind still has they seeds of doubt from friends whom are now no longer part of my life. 

Reality set in, I sat down, went through everything with my doctor, pain specialist, wife, sister etc.   I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and for the time being this is how it is.   There I said it I feel brilliant for it.   I can still do most things in life but I have a serious condition to live with too,  now I have new friends that understand, my family understand and I believe in myself


Life with this condition or with any form of chronic pain is a roller coaster.  Hold on, but still enjoy life, days are tough at times I know that. 

Cheers for reading, my English is poor I make no apologies for that as at school I was the class clown.  Please share on Twitter and Facebook and feedback is great too.


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