Raise Awareness

Hi Folks

I hope that you are all as well as can be and to fellow sufferers who are going through some hard times I’m thinking of you all. 

I write this blog to raise awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome*,  a condition that for a lot of sufferers is life limiting.   When I was first diagnosed with CRPS* I thought that I was the only person on this planet that had this,  even my own GP at the time had to Google it!.   When I started reading things online I quickly realised that the reason I thought I was the only person with it was because it was a relatively unknown medical condition that people knew about.  


As I told family and friends what I had and what it was going to do to me I quickly realised that they didn’t fully understand the situation nor did I or my wife but we got the basics of it.   Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a very big deal to a lot of people in this country and around the world,  with no cure and all sorts of medical professionals trying to come up with the perfect remedie to combat this horrible condition.   So with what I knew and what I was going through I thought it raise awareness and in that I’d be explaining to family and friends who were still at the ” you will get better soon”  stage. 


So I wrote my blog and people read it, then I wrote more each time about how I as suffering and how it was effecting my life.  Not only was I telling people about my medical problems I was telling you all my life story really  as CRPS  became a huge part of life.   I explain the dark times and also my good days,  I would and still do let you all know what im going through at hospital and at home and to this day over 3500 hits have been on my blog here.   Not just here on my blog but I give updates on my twitter and Facebook almost daily.

I don’t say I am having a bad day etc for you all to feel sorry for me I do it so you all can understand what this condition is doing.  Please continue reading my blogs and other social networking sites.

Thanks for reading


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