Pain… It is Nasty

Good Morning folks

First of all I hope that you are all as well as can be expected. 

When pain increases it doesn’t do it gradually it just increases.   The usual pain is bad enough and when it multiplies by another 100 million then it leads to problems.   The problems are endless for example I can’t sleep because of it nor can I hold a conversation or be trusted to remember things. 

We call pain increases FLARES  and at this moment I’m at the start of one and it’s the first one for a wee while.   The problem with a flare is when it starts there is no way of knowing when it will end.   For example  one of my flares lasted over 1 week and I couldn’t sleep for 5 days,  I remember it because of the length of time I never slept.   I try to explain my pain to people when I’m just my normal pain but it hard so I’m not going to try explaining a flare up to you all. 


Although we sufferers are in pain already I can assure you we know when it’s increased.  It’s not unnoticeable that’s for sure,  I would hope  that this flare moves in pretty fast as I cannot be dealing with this just now. 

This was just a quick wee blog as I wanted to write what I was thinking as I was at the start of my flare.   Please ask questions etc if I don’t answer straight away then I’m not making excuses I’m just sore.  Please also share in Facebook, Twitter carrier pigeon etc. 




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