All About Me :)

Hi Everyone

Hi my name is Jamie I’m 32, I live with CRPS and have done for some time now. I also suffer from other nerve damage, Neuropathic Nerve Pain and Tarsal Coalition. Im ex army, I served with 1 Royal Scots. I am a passionate Celtic fan, my hobbies are restricted but I am learning to live with my condition and branch out in life. I live in Bonnie Scotland, the best wee country in the world. I live with my wife Jennifer who is my rock, my soul mate, my everything. She has stood by me through all my health problems and I am grateful to her for everything… We also have a hairy baby called Diesel, he is a black Lhasa Also. He is and continues to be a great source of companionship to me.

Due to my medication and other factors, I am finding it difficult to put my blog into words, Jen has been helping me and will continue for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry you will still get my rubbish… Just with better grammar.. Yeah.

Please enjoy my blog. Feedback is great.


6 thoughts on “All About Me :)

  1. Hi Jamie,
    I am about to cycle through Scotland on my CRPS awareness campaign. Where abouts in Scotland do you live?
    Bizarrely, I also suffer bi lateral tarsal coalition which was the cause of my CRPS after suffering numerous unrelenting soft tissue injuries. I have had a triple arthrodesis on my left require the same on my right but Dr is reluctant to do it due to the CRPS diagnosis.
    Hope to hear from you. Hope you are having a low pain evening if ever there is such a thing.
    Amanda :o)

    • Hi Amanda

      Thank you so much for getting in touch and taking time out from what I can only imagine as a busy and hard going time for you. You are the first person ever to have the exact same as myself! Terrible to hear another person has this horrible disease. I live in a town called Airdrie which is about 12 miles or so from Glasgow. I wish you all the very best in you cycle and I will be keeping track of your journey. If your close by I could maybe catch up with you. Hope the pain is low as possible. Cheers Jamie x

  2. I enjoy following along with your blog. I’m currently in a redesign of my blog and was wondering if you would mind if I listed your site as a CRPS blog I think people should follow?

  3. Hey, found your blog through twitter. I had knee surgery 6 weeks ago as a result of a tennis injury and have developed CRPS in my left foot…it’s as you will know frankly terrifying as I have no idea if it’ll get better and at the moment I can’t put it on the ground so can’t progress my knee Physio & start weight bearing. I’m on crutches or in a wheelchair.
    Anyway, I’m 35, live in Leeds with my partner Steve who is ace but ex-forces (like you!) so struggles with the emotion/sympathy side of what’s going on…just thought I’d say hi.

    • Hi Katherine – I’m sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with CRPS. I developed it in my right and left foot after surgery too. It is scary when you are diagnosed – I think that I learned to cope with my diagnosis by researching and chatting to others about their diagnosis – I used my blog to teach my family and friends because I wanted everyone around me to understand that for me, my diagnosis was life changing. Although I didn’t realise quite how life changing at the time. Everyone is different so don’t scare yourself with other people’s experiences, if you need a chat you can find me here on twitter. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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